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An immersive sound installation for the Hangar Y

Making an imaginary forest resonate

An immersive sound installation conceived and produced by IRCAM X IRCAM amplify for the Hangar Y.

Echoing our childhood memories and the fantastic world of fairy tales, this sound installation enchants listeners and invites them into a dream world populated by imaginary creatures. The space awakens the senses and proposes a unique melody at the border between human and animal, between natural and artificial worlds, between vocal melody and tangible sounds.

As in the existing soundscapes of the forest of Meudon, humankind inhabits the sonic environment, reproducing the songs and the calls of the animals. In this immersive humanophony, the human noises projected in the forest – their expressions, their imitations and their songs – form a biophony of another kind.

Memories fade, modes of expression change, new animal species emerge.

The imitation of animals using voice and instruments is a sonic practice found in many cultural practices (hunting, religious rituals, musical games, learning for young children). The Borders of Sound project takes up this tradition and creates a real narrative, developed using a sound design approach, based on a workshop that brought together exhibition curators, composers, artists and associations to dialogue, define and then collectively rank the sounds linked to the living world, to the forest of Meudon, and to the project brought to life by the Hangar Y.


IRCAM – IRCAM amplify

For this installation, Ircam amplify relied on the SpeaK methodology developed by the STMS sound perception and design staff (Ircam, CNRS, Sorbonne-University and the Ministry of Culture in France), and on the sound immersion and spatialization technologies developed at IRCAM over the last 30 years.

  • Artistic Directon: Frank Madlener, director of IRCAM
  • Concept and Sound Creation: Romain Barthelemy, IRCAM amplify
  • Sound Engineering and Technical Design: Alexandre Chaigne, Music Unit
  • Project Management: Marion Laporte and Joseph Dubrule, IRCAM amplify

The Hangar Y

  • Artistic Direction: Blanche de Lestrange, Zoé Dailey, Aideen Halleman and Aurélie Baron

Technical Installation: Écouter/voir

Performers: Estelle Florin, Margot Janet, Marie-Pierre Judas, Ruben Lemonnier, Sabrine Sidki, and people walking in the forest of Meudon

Le Hangar Y, IRCAM and IRCAM amplify would like to thank the contributors of the SpeaK workshop: Alexandre Chaigne, Lauranne Germond, Patricia Laroche, Juliette Lecorne and Jean-Marc Thibaut

Field of application

  • Cultural & Creative industries
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