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Immersive listening with Daft Punk by Sonorium at the Centre Pompidou

Daft Punk X Centre Pompidou X Ircam Amplify X IRCAM along with Sonorium and our new 3D Audio technology!

To mark the 10th anniversary of Daft Punk’s legendary album “Random Access Memories”, Ircam Amplify, the Centre Pompidou, IRCAM and Sonorium, which organizes album listening sessions, are offering a unique experience to (re)discover this landmark album as it has never been heard before!

In a world premiere, our 3D Audio technology will enable 200 people to immerse themselves in the music of this emblematic “French touch” recording.

In beta version until Fall 2023, our 3DAudio technology is being used to facilitate the spatialization of great historic albums, for an immersive listening experience that is as eventful as it is inclusive.

This immersive listening session took place July 9, 2023 at the Centre Pompidou as part of the Moviement program.

So what exactly is this 3D Audio technology developed by Ircam Amplify?

Moving from stereo music to an immersive 3D sound experience: At Music Biz (USA) last May, Ircam amplify unveiled its 3D Audio beta program designed to democratize access to musical spatialization for artists, distributors, music producers and labels who don’t have access to it today.
These new formats can be used without any technical barriers, while guaranteeing that artistic intent and exceptional sound quality are respected. This technology is based on decades of IRCAM research.

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Thomas Aillagon, Frédéric Amadu, Elise Arnold, Nathalie Birocheau, Anna de Cassin, Sophie Chrétien-Kimmel, Jean-Max Colard, Julien Deborgher, Yannice Galva, Claire Garnier, Auriabelle Grimaud, Etienne Guffroy, Joséphine Huppert, Eric Jean-Jean, Marion Laporte, Laurent Le Bon, Vincent Lenglet, Lucie Lepleux, Frank Madlener, Corinne Marchand, Adrien Mazingue, Paul Mourey, Julie Narbey, François Nawrocki, Antoine Petroff, Fabrice Pleynet, Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, Xavier Rey.

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