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The IRCAM-Flux:: product range

Having state-of-the-art tools for spatialized sound

IRCAM teamed up with audio software developer Flux:: to offer sound professionals a range of products dedicated to spatialized sound.

As a pioneer of sound spatialization since its creation in 1977, IRCAM’s expertise in this field is unrivalled and is renowned worldwide. The tools that emerged from this research have now been made accessible to professionals as part of an attractive and intuitively designed range of products, a hallmark of Flux::.

The product range includes the software:

  • Spat Revolution, a spatialization engine that delivers enormous freedom in terms of sound movement,
  • Ircam HEar, a binaural encoding tool that makes it possible to share sound creations in an easily accessible immersive format,
  • Ircam Verb, state-of-the-art technology for simulating room acoustics and reverberation with the power to transport the listener to unprecedented virtual spaces.

NB: Reference prior to the creation of Ircam Amplify that is emblematic of our universe’s “Sound as Space” offering and of IRCAM’s expertise.

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Field of application

  • Cultural & Creative industries
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