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The World of Sound in the Centre Pompidou’s Video Game

Guiding the player through sound

At the end of April 2020, the Centre Pompidou in Paris launched its first video game, Prisme 7, a completely novel way to let visitors discover the museum’s major works. The game was developed by Game in Society and features a sound experience created by Ircam Amplify.

Sound plays a key role in the video game: it guides players by giving them clues, heightens their immersion in a unique universe while enhancing gameplay through its interactivity.

For this artistic and poetic game, sound designer Pierre Navarron created a universe like a musical composition. He devised sound families as musical strata: soundscape and sound environment, sounds of movement or interface. Each family works in harmony with the others, developing a poetic style guided by the actions and progression of the person playing.

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