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Zetta radio automation software with RCS

Controlling radio playback time

World leader in music scheduling and broadcasting, software company RCS turned to Ircam Amplify to make life easier for broadcasters. Zetta, the smartest system of its generation, was designed for music stations that want to automate the playout of their advertising program.

The new release of the multiple award-winning software incorporates the powerful SuperVP engine from IRCAM research and offers unique editing capabilities. Renowned by music production professionals for its real-time time-stretching features, including extreme values, Super VP is now available for radio.

Zetta can import any audio file and speed it up or slow it down without distorting its timbre. Broadcasters have complete control over the duration of the file, such as music or advertisements, to meet the time constraints imposed by the station.


“The new version of Zetta integrates a time-stretching feature resulting from IRCAM’s excellent research. The quality is phenomenal and our clients are thrilled with the upgrades. We are very happy with this collaboration with Ircam Amplify.” – Philippe Generali, President and CEO of RCS

Field of application

  • Cultural & Creative industries
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