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Ircam Amplify launches the beta version of its accessible spatial audio solution By Emmanuel Legrand Ircam Amplify is launching the beta version of its accessible spatial audio solution, offering artists, labels and distributors “to leverage spatial audio technology” by transforming music files into spacial audio content.

Sound Choices for Mobility 

You may have heard the expression “Our ears have no eyelids”, which points to the inevitable nature of the sounds that surround us. It will have escaped no one’s notice how much pandemic-related lockdowns have changed the sound environment, especially in urban areas. A calmness and absence of noise, the return of which has made […]


IRCAM amplify, a cutting-edge branch of IRCAM, France’s foremost audio research institute, aims to make immersive audio a reality for all creators without compromising quality. Ircam Amplify announces the launch of its groundbreaking Beta program, providing digital music companies with a unique opportunity to leverage spatial audio technology.

Immersive Sound: How Will We Use It Five Years From Now?

Immersive sound has been making its way to the general public for a few months now, thanks in part to the introduction of this new feature on streaming platforms. Initiated by Apple Music via Dolby Atmos technology, then followed by other major players in online music, the movement towards spatial audio is rapidly gaining a […]

Ircam Amplify launches its spatial-audio beta

by Stuart Dredge Thanks to Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming services, spatial audio is growing in popularity: both in terms of the number of people hearing it, and the number of tracks and albums being converted to it.

How Does Immersive Sound and Sound Spatialization Affect our Perception?

The power of immersive sound Why are we working towards creating an immersive auditory experience? Several years of research into new formats and techniques have resulted in the immersive sound we know today. Always more accessible and more impactful for listeners, immersive sound is actually a significant adaption to the usual way we hear. Cognition: […]

A Field Guide to Immersive Sound: How to Find Your Way Through the Different Formats, Technologies and Sound Experiences

Talking Immersive Sound – The Glossary How did we come up with today’s immersive sound? How did we create this spatialization of sound that immerses us in an ever more elaborate and compelling auditory environment? It is the result of several advanced technologies, developed over the years. To fully understand immersive audio and its implications, […]

Now Hear This: There’s Nothing Futuristic About Immersive Sound and Sound Spatialization

The History of Immersive Sound Sound spatialization is regularly considered as the future of our immersive experiences. But is it really that futuristic? A human being perceives a multitude of sounds, coming from all directions. Even when listening to a person speak in a quiet room, we hear hundreds of echoes generated by the configuration […]

Top trends at SXSW23

Check out the report on the 3 top trends of SXSW 23 for the music industry. By Nathalie Birocheau, Claire Lassalvy and Juliette Bezier. They brought you the best to read here.

Emotion at the Core of the Sonic Experience

In an increasingly information-saturated attention economy, the transmission of emotion is an essential driver for capturing a fickle audience. As audio takes on a growing role in branded content, how can we differentiate and personalize an impactful, high-tech and sensitive sonic experience?

PP Garcia: All about 3D binaural audio

– video in French –

In his chaptered video, journalist PP Garcia went to meet Antoine Petroff, Director of Immersive Products at Ircam Amplify, to learn all about binaural 3D audio. An interview conducted by an expert with another expert to experience binaural sound and discover its many applications in our daily lives!

Reconstructing the voices of personalities from the past: Voice Cloning for Thierry Ardisson

Research and technology now make it possible to clone a voice and we’ll tell you all about it in the new episode of this podcast. We’re checking in to the Time Hotel and Thierry Ardisson is there to welcome us and talk about this new idea for a show co-produced by Ardimages and Troisième Œil Productions.

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