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France Musique

Streaming : at Ircam, a new tool to promote musical discoveries.
– article in French –


How L’Oréal made a perfume audible with IRCAM Amplify?
– article in French –


Artificial intelligence: at Ircam, the machines speak.
Realistic synthetic voice, advanced voice recognition… Under the impulse of structures like Ircam Amplify, robots are giving voice.
This is enough to whet the appetite of investors. And worry?
– article in French –


– video in English –
It is a research institute that has an impact on our daily life… IRCAM and Ircam Amplify are specialized in acoustics, from artificial voices to music recommendation algorithms… The most unexpected sounds are analyzed. It is one of the largest organizations in the world.
Adrien Lac pushed the doors of Ircam.

Le Monde

The algorithm, the new tube machine.
– article in French –


3 out of 4 French people say that everyday sounds have an effect on their mood.
– article in french –

France Bleu

In Paris, IRCAM Amplify develops the sound of the future.
– article in French –

Les Echos – Portrait

Nathalie Birocheau, sounds above and below.
– article in French –

20 Minutes

How to create emotion in the artificial voice? Ircam Amplify opens the doors to the future.
– article in French –


Sound, the next revolution for retail and luxury brands?
– article in French –

Les Numériques

Ircam Amplify: how one of the best audio research institutes offers its services to companies?
– article in French –

France Info – nouveau monde

At Ircam, researchers transform in real time male voices into female voices (and vice versa).
– podcast in French –

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