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The exploratory space that analyzes the audio revolutions in our daily lives.

From fundamental discoveries to their concrete applications, from major industry trends to the possibilities of tomorrow.

This Blog offers a keen interpretation of a technological and creative world in constant motion.

Through this Blog, we share with you the vibration that drives experts and journalists.

The Complexity of Music Rights in User-Generated Content 

An update on copyright in the age of covers, remixes and generation by IA.
How to manage the complexity of digital rights for user-generated music content?
Viral covers: the fine line between promotion and copyright infringement. What are the clear limits for remixes and sampling? AI-generated music: what new horizons for copyright?

Ircam amplify offers an automated way to identify, locate, and qualify every use of copyrighted audio across content-sharing platforms.

10 Superpowers of Sound

Our brains possess amazing abilities we don’t always realize we have, and a good number of them are linked to sound. In this article, we have gathered together some of the most astonishing and captivating scientific facts about the sounds we perceive and how they affect us. Welcome to the age of sound. Prepare to […]

Democratizing Sound Spatialization in the Music Industry ?

Will the music we listen to every day soon be more suited to our ears and our brain? Spatial sound, which is better adapted to our natural hearing, has been gaining ground, and we can expect to hear more of it in our music. The move towards better sound quality would seem to be a […]

Immersive Sound: How Will We Use It Five Years From Now?

Immersive sound has been making its way to the general public for a few months now, thanks in part to the introduction of this new feature on streaming platforms. Initiated by Apple Music via Dolby Atmos technology, then followed by other major players in online music, the movement towards spatial audio is rapidly gaining a […]

A Field Guide to Immersive Sound: How to Find Your Way Through the Different Formats, Technologies and Sound Experiences

Talking Immersive Sound – The Glossary How did we come up with today’s immersive sound? How did we create this spatialization of sound that immerses us in an ever more elaborate and compelling auditory environment? It is the result of several advanced technologies, developed over the years. To fully understand immersive audio and its implications, […]

Top trends at SXSW23

Check out the report on the 3 top trends of SXSW 23 for the music industry. By Nathalie Birocheau, Claire Lassalvy and Juliette Bezier. They brought you the best to read here.


From Virtual Singing to Deepfakes: How is Speech Used Today

With the rise of new technology, as well as audio-only social media, our voices are becoming more prominent features in our world. Ircam’s first steps into research on human speech stemmed from the world of music, but today the applications for audio research and vocal analysis extend far beyond the music industry.

Exciting Trends in Audio at SXSW 2022

Exciting Trends in Audio at SXSW 2022

South by Southwest (SXSW) takes place every March in Austin, Texas and features ten days of conferences and festivals that combine music, technology, cinema, and interactive media. In 2022, for the first time in two years, SXSW was held face-to-face, and the Ircam Amplify team went to Austin to be part of the French Tech Pavilion presented by Business France. Read on to learn about the major trends in audio technology that were showcased at SXSW 2022.

Marie Claire

– article in Italian –
Do we really need our sense of smell to experience the emotions of a fragrance? not really. according to experts, we are at the dawn of a revolution that involves touch, taste and hearing. provocations aside, let us be guided by our senses

How do sound and vocal interfaces build new relationships with our everyday objects?

We are in a world where relationships between humans and connected devices are vast. These links are increasingly made by vocal and sound interfaces. Today, we are already talking with our smartphones, cars, speakers, computers… Tomorrow, sounds and voices will be at the center of our relationship with every technology.

Which transformations to come and which audio solutions for gaming?

Along with leading actors from the US, the industry of video gaming is showing a growing interest in audio. Apple Arcade has recently ordered musical games and new devices such as Alexa are also turning to games evolving around sound. It is more than just a trend or a fad.

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