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Listening to our Bodies: Health, Technology and Sound

From how technology impacts complete hearing loss to the use of hearing to relieve physical pain, there are numerous ways that the health and wellness industries might meet the audio and technology sectors. Experts from several fields are now exploring questions like: what place does sound have in the world of health, how do sounds, our emotions, and our bodies interact, and how does technology impact our physical experience of sound?

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Noise, Sound, and Transportation: An Evolving Relationship

As our societies move to new modes of transportation that reduce atmospheric pollution, how does that change the noise pollution we are faced with every day? What place does artificial sound have in our ecosystem? How can we transform noise into sound? These are just some of the questions that arise when we examine the relationship between sound and transportation.

Musique HD

HD Music: Creating Better to Experience Better

Sound quality has an increasing impact on our daily lives, so much so, that it is no longer simply a question of artistic creation, but one of public health. There is a lot to discover about HD sound in the 21st century, but first we must address the fundamental questions of how to define sound quality, and what “good sound” actually is?

Replay: Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry

New technologies for a shared world

Since 2021, IRCAM Amplify has been presenting a major annual event, live from IRCAM in Paris and livestreamed anywhere in the world, to address the most essential challenges for the future of sound across multiple industries.

Replay available on registration

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Digital, Global and Innovative: the Sound Experience

Being surrounded more and more by a digital environment, could sound design be the way to share our emotions? A tailor-made sound creation is usually the key to materialize a deep sensory and emotional experience. Sound innovation thus becomes a pillar of plural and multi-sensory experiences, improving them but also making them more accessible.

Here’s why “Sound Tech For Good” will be the theme of the Forum for the Power of Sound in Industry 2022

On January 20, 2022, the second annual Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry will be held at IRCAM in Paris, and streamed simultaneously worldwide, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. CET. The 2022 theme will be “Sound Tech For Good”. But, what does it mean?

What audio innovation in the health sector will help overcome a sound handicap?

The sound is becoming a real public health issue. That is true for tomorrow but also for today. A lot of public and private actors from health and tech are aware of that subject already. Around 2.5 millions of people are going to suffer from hearing problems in 2050, according to a report from the World Health Organization.

How do sound and vocal interfaces build new relationships with our everyday objects?

We are in a world where relationships between humans and connected devices are vast. These links are increasingly made by vocal and sound interfaces. Today, we are already talking with our smartphones, cars, speakers, computers… Tomorrow, sounds and voices will be at the center of our relationship with every technology.

How is sound going to transform our uses in the automotive industry?

The audio drives the automotive industry. Vehicles and sound have always been linked together. For mechanic purposes for starting, but not only. Challenges of security has slowly developed in the industry, and audio sounded very quickly as one of the most efficient technologies to help drivers and protect the others.

Which transformations to come and which audio solutions for gaming?

Along with leading actors from the US, the industry of video gaming is showing a growing interest in audio. Apple Arcade has recently ordered musical games and new devices such as Alexa are also turning to games evolving around sound. It is more than just a trend or a fad.

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