Dive into the Future of Music with Ircam Amplify’s Accessible Spatial Audio Solution

The rapidly evolving landscape of audio technology has given rise to immersive sound, a fast-
growing trend in 2023 that 73% of listeners have already embraced. As spatial audio continues to
revolutionize the way we experience sound in cinemas, headphones, and music streaming
services, Ircam Amplify is here to ensure every artist and producer can harness its full potential.

IRCAM amplify, a cutting-edge branch of IRCAM, France’s foremost audio research institute, aims to make immersive audio a reality for all creators without compromising quality.

At MusicBiz 2023 in Nashville, Ircam amplify proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Beta program,
providing digital music companies with a unique opportunity to leverage spatial audio technology.

Believe, one of the leading digital music companies, and Tunecore, the leading independent
development partner for self-releasing artists, wholly owned by Believe, are partnering with Ircam
amplify’s Beta Program.

Many digital music companies and distributors are eager to deliver spatial audio tracks to
streaming services, but the complexity of the technology often discourages artists from making
the switch», explains Nathalie Birocheau, CEO of Ircam Amplify. «Our goal is to help digital music
companies and distributors break down barriers and make spatial audio accessible to all artists.
We believe that innovation should benefit the entire creative community.

Ircam Amplify’s Beta Program offers:

  • An AI-powered, artifact-free spatial audio engine built on over 30 years of expertise from IRCAM labs, rigorously tested with numerous artists and producers for a full year.
  • A user-friendly interface that enables artists and producers to fine-tune the spatialization process with ease.
  • Comprehensive support for a wide range of formats within the spatial audio market.
  • Convenient online access through a simple API.

Through our partnership with IRCAM Amplify, we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation
in the music industry and to collaborate on the development of the 3D Audio Beta Program. Our
objective is to contribute to create a powerful tool that will enable artists to deliver high-quality,
immersive experiences to their fans in spatial audio. We’re proud to be working together to push
the boundaries of what’s possible in music and bring a solution to digital music partners looking
to rapidly ramp up immersive audio.

Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of Believe

Nathalie Birocheau encourages digital music companies, distributors, labels, producers, and artists to
participate in the Beta program, which will run until September 2023 :

Join the revolution and experience the future of music with Ircam Amplify’s transformative solution—absolutely free!