Who we are

Ircam Amplify was created to make the very best in audio research and musical creation available to benefit markets, companies and new uses.

IRCAM, the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music was founded in 1977 by Pierre Boulez as a venue of cross-fertilization between science, technology and music creation. Today, it is one of the world’s premier centers of expertise in the realm of sound.

Ircam Amplify is the bridge between this recognized excellence in research and its real-life applications at a time when innovative uses for sound have transformed it into a significant challenge for many markets.

For the world of industry, IRCAM represents a precious fount of scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technological expertise, the legacy of 40 years of interdisciplinary research, experimental creations and innovations in the field of sound.

By offering companies exclusive access to this unique expertise, Ircam Amplify assists them with the design and development of new uses, products and audio experiences that distill the best of technology and emotion.

Ircam Amplify was established in 2019 as a subsidiary of IRCAM and is also funded by the Caisse des Dépôts, Believe and E.T.R.E.

Welcome to the Age of Sound

In the last two decades, technological advances have revolutionized the way we communicate, and therefore how we create, distribute and consume audio content.

Sound has entered a new dimension: it now permeates new spaces and has been incorporated into new objects with which we interact through voice.

With its ability to arouse emotions and awaken memories, it also plays a growing role in a world in search of multisensory experiences.

It has risen to the forefront of new challenges for a growing number of sectors:

How can artificial intelligence be made to recognize human emotion in a speaker’s voice?  How do we make a synthetic voice sound more human? How can we protect against the “fake” voices of tomorrow? How can music recommendations be tailored to suit the mood of the listener? How can one track in a two-million title database be quickly found? How can we safeguard the quality of audio files? How can sound perception be used to improve the quality of life in cities or to facilitate mobility? How can we make immersive sound production more accessible?

Responding to these challenges involves grasping the limitless powers of sound: it opens up the paths of our imagination, it transforms our perception of the world and our surroundings, it directly stimulates our emotional intelligence, it heightens our everyday experiences.

Our added value keeping you stay one step ahead: by granting you access to IRCAM’s expertise, we allow you to reap the insights of a comprehensive approach to sound in all its dimensions: technological, creative and emotional.

Our mission

Ircam Amplify’s mission is to make the very best in audio research and sound creation from IRCAM available to benefit markets and new uses, with a view to envisioning, alongside the various players in audio ecosystems, a desirable future for sound.

The aim is to amplify the powers of sound with integrity and harmony, while ensuring that technology is always employed usefully and responsibly.

Our team

Ircam Amplify is a living organism, a place where each of its constituent identities shapes the substance matter of a system in motion.

With backgrounds in complementary sectors such as culture, innovation, technology and IT, our professionals form a productive, multidisciplinary team. Each member brings his or her own passions and drive, formulating ideas that feed into the construction of the project that we all carry collectively. By blending the rational and the intuitive, the technical and the creative, the masculine and the feminine, the Ircam Amplify team is a reflection of its diversity and openness. Generosity of spirit and attentiveness are what carry our collective intelligence forward on a daily basis. They foster the ingenuity of the solutions we propose to our clients and form a firm anchor in a world in which it is essential to keep exploring.

Our team fully embodies our mission: to bridge different worlds in the universe of sound and to invent together the best possible future for all things sound-related.


  • Frank MADLENER, President of Ircam Amplify, Director of Ircam
  • Nathalie BIROCHEAU, Chief executive officier
  • Frederic AMADU, Chief technology officer
  • Emmanuelle ZOLL, Head of design
  • Marion LAPORTE, Chief brand officer
  • Frederick ROUSSEAU,  Business developper
  • Vincent MEURISSE, Project manager
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